Welcome to our B&B to BE Inn the Green in Zeist!  I can imagine you’ll read that first line and wonder.. what is this about?!

So for the first blog post I’ll explain what Inn the Green is. Who we are and what a B&B to Be is 😊.

Family & Old homes

We are a very close family of four and we love old homes and hard work. Most of all we love the challenge of  giving an old tired house it’s spark and life back (without it costing a fortune). It’s great to see a space that no one wants to spend any time in become warm and welcoming.  Three years ago we came across a very big fixer upper house. When we saw the project with it’s potential and the pleasant street it’s on, we went for it! We do almost all the work ourselves and have been very busy for the past years fixing the house up. Now the house is a lovely family house and we are finally ready to tackle project nr. 2.  It’s the project that’s been waiting for us in the back of the garden.

The ruin had to stay

Because we love old buildings and history we just couldn’t tear the ruin in the back of our garden down. Also we couldn’t just leave it, then the building would have probably collapsed last year!  We decided that it’s a perfect building and spot to start our own bed and breakfast. We will build 2 spacious rooms with high ceilings and a lot of privacy. The rooms will have a bathroom and a common room. This B&B is located great for guests who love nature, the woods are just across the road. But guests who love the the city can find the attractive and fun city of Zeist around the corner. The city of Utrecht is 7 km away. That’s a lovely bike ride or a short bus ride.

It is a big project that we are really excited about and we want to share our experiences and are journey with people who share our interests. And the fun thing is, the B&B isn’t open yet but it already feels like it is!

That is what our B&B to be is about, we are going to share photo’s, finds and ideas for the B&B while we repair and design our old building in the back.

Feel free to ask questions and share your input on our project. And hopefully we can in a year welcome you to B&B Inn the green 🍀.


  1. Looping good!!👍🏼 Work in progress!😉

    1. Author

      🙂 Dankje! Jij ook he.. Had je jezelf al tussen de bomen gespot, zo gevaarlijk op die hoge ladder!

  2. Geweldig Lydia en was schrijf je leuk !! Weer een talent ontdekt 🙂
    I will follow you and all the progress around the B&B… 🍀🍃🌿

    1. Author

      Lieve Astrid, wat super leuk, It’s very much appreciated. Dankje wel!

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