New year goals

This is our first blog post in the new year! Our aim to open b&b Inn the Green in 2019 got a good start in the first weeks of this new year. Alain got to work on the b&b for 6 days straight and I got to help for 3 as his humble assistant.. Therefor we  got a lot of work done! Together with our friend who is a plumber Alain got all of the pipework in for the bathrooms and the kitchen. So the building is ready for a new layer of concrete.

For the first time in it’s long history the building has also got interior walls with lots of insulation!  Moreover the walls make a big difference on how the spaces our experienced. Everyone who stops by is amazed about the spacious feel, that has to do with the 3,2m high ceilings.


The inn is starting to feel like a house instead of an old factory and I’m really busy with the design to make it a design B&B.. Last week the new/old doors where bought. The doors are from an old monastery in the south of Holland.

Upcoming week I really want to start to paint the old panel doors. I just love those old doors, they’ve got character! But before I can buy any paint the color scheme for the B&B needs to be decided. I’m not a 100% sure about the green color yet. I think green is a difficult color because there is such a big variety of green colors and they can give a very different feel to the space.. But I think I’ve decided!!


To conclude this short post.. we are on track! On the one side there is a lot of building left to do and on the other side I can already have fun with designing the B&B. So Alain and I are both busy with what we love

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