I love tiles! And because I love tiles so much I couldn’t wait to select the tiles for in the B&B. That’s why I already started researching the tiles that I wanted in the bathrooms, the kitchen and the hallway months ago. After many Pinterest hours I had a pretty good idea of the look I wanted for the bathrooms and the rest. So then my search for the actual products started! I found all the tiles by a great web shop called ‘tile exert’. Unbelievable the choice ‘Tile expert’ offers… The only BUT is I haven’t seen the tiles, because it’s a web shop.. So I bought  8 different tiles without seeing them in real life. This did give me a few sleepless nights and a bit of stress!!

Now the tile wait is nearly over!! Coming Tuesday the tiles are scheduled to arrive. I’m really excited! The B&B isn’t completely ready for them yet, but we are getting there the concrete/cement floor went in on Friday.

Hard workers

Wow what a lot of work that was. First the big truck with concrete/cement came a week to soon.. Not our bad, but still some stress. Then Friday the truck came a bit early and the sand-cement mixture was poured on a big plastic tarp on the drive way. Alain, his colleague Jo and both our dads went for it and in wheelbarrows’  got all of the cement to the back of the garden and in to the B&B. Then Alain had to even the mixture out before it dried. Again some stress!! But he got it done! And again the B&B has a different feel.  That progress makes all the rest worth it!


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