To be honest.. I’ve never stayed in a Bed and breakfast before.. Oops! But on many occasions we’ve stayed in hotels. The most important criteria for an hotel for us is LOCATION! An holiday is so much more relaxing if everything you need is close by and you don’t have to look for things to do. Especially if you are only staying a short time the location is important!

Long story short our B&B to Be is located really great! If I may say so..

The B&B is located in the center of Zeist, but it doesn’t feel that way with the woods so close by.

Looking out of the round window on the first floor of the B&B you look out over the woods.

These woods are part of an Estate called Beek en Royen and it’s open for the public. These woods flow into a national park called Utrechtse Heuvelrug where there are beautiful walk and bike trails.

Zeist & Utrecht

There are a ton of shops, restaurants, and coffee bars just around the corner of the Inn. And last but definitely not least.. the castle of Zeist  Slot Zeist is very close by. The Slot has a very long and interesting history just as the two squares located in front of the castle which were built by the Moravian Church in the 18th century.

There is a lot to see nearby. With the bus you are in the center of Utrecht within 20 minutes and on the bike it takes about half an hour. Utrecht is really a great city to visit! Not to big and not to small. With lot’s to see and do.

What are your favorites nearby?

I will be filling the page ‘things to do’ on the website with great places in the area. But I would really appreciate your input!

  • Let me know what you think is important to have nearby (facility’s’)
  • Share your favorite places in Utrecht and in Zeist.


  1. There are a ton of great places to eat and drink coffee in Utrecht. Would have to sit down and write the places down. I’ll let you know! Love the pictures so far! Kisses

    1. Author

      Thanks for the great input and your involvement Susi!!

  2. ‘Landhuis in de Stad’ in Utrecht is definetly a place to recommend. It has a beautiful park scenery nearby National monument “de Munt’. All the best with the B&B to Be. The pictures look great!

    1. Author

      Bedankt Willem! Dit ken ik helemaal niet, dus super goede tip waar we wat mee gaan doen!

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