Time for a break

In the past 3 years there have been moments that we felt it was time for a renovation break. Then we wouldn’t work for a week or 2 in the house. After such a break we couldn’t wait to get to work again.. So  I think Alain and I are a bit addicted to renovating. It feels so good to give a room or an outdoor area a new purpose and feel!


break time
break time

Because of our little addiction we together have renovated our 170 year old 240m2 home. During our project of renovating our home, the ruin in the back was sometimes very daunting. The building felt and looked like it could collapse. And the thought of more work waaaah.. Terrifying!


Without really noticing we did progress slowly and suddenly the ruin wasn’t a ruin anymore and the B&B wasn’t a far away dream 😊.

Last year the Inn got a new roof and new beams. Also where the trees where growing in we needed to replace the bricks. All these changes made the building safe. That really felt good! But it still looked pretty bad.. That’s why we decided last year November to cover de building with black timber. In the spring of 2018 the new windows and big front door came. And now finally the potential of our ruin was visible to everyone!

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